No matter how I have fed my babies, I have always found myself at some point justifying it to someone.

The internet seems full of women trying to be heard, justifying themselves to people they’ll never know or meet; breast, bottle, pump, SNS, tube, syringe, using formula, using donor milk, nursing a toddler.

For what it’s worth #isupportyou all

About theconsciouslyincompetentcamel

I am a Dental Hygienist. A nice one. I have a major passion for periodontal disease and regularly feel joy at being up to my elbows in gum disease. I am also a mum of two wonderful kids. I can't say I took to motherhood easily but I'm settling on not being that perfect and hoping being good enough will keep them out of prison.
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3 Responses to #isupportyou

  1. This is beautiful may I use it for my breast feeding group?

  2. Sasha says:

    Such a beautiful post!

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